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Kelowna, British Columbia

I’m over the Rockies and into British Columbia where it’s been raining pretty consistently, except for yesterday when it wasn’t. The video camera got wet a couple of days ago and made the colours run into each other like wet paint, but it seems to have recovered now.


Banff, Alberta

Sitting in the hostel here going through the video I’ve shot. I’ve just grabbed some stills from the last finished tape (tape number 40) which you can see at the video stills website, but just in case you can’t be bothered to click on that link here’s one of me sitting outside a gas station cafe at ten to nine, on my way from Calgary to Canmore. That was a tough day.

ten to nine and still not there yet


Regina, Saskatchewan

I’ve spent today in Regina editing video, now that I’ve got the laptop back – thanks to MacHelper of Winnipeg. The hard drive was OK so I’ve been going through the video I had on there a month ago, which was of leaving Maine and arriving in Quebec. For some images see my video stills site.


Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

Camped by the road. Hungry.

Met a guy today also cycling across Canada with a video camera – see – though doing it West to East. He has a very ingenious set up for his camera. The camera itself is in the back panier but a lens, or some kind of small surveillance camera, is on a gantry mounted just behind his handlebars. With that he can film the road in front of him just by flicking a switch on the bike, and he can turn the camera around and film himself cycling along.

I wish I’d prepared more for this trip.

He showed me some of the video he’d shot and it looked very steady – far more so than my handheld stuff.


Montreal, Quebec

Back from the hospital (after coming off the bike here in Montreal, just cycling in to town and hitting a pot hole) with 3 stitches in my chin, a few cuts and grazes, but OK, and the bike’s OK too, and the laptop which was on my back at the time survived since I’m using it now. Just spent my last couple of dollars on a baguette and then had to pay for a glass of water in order to use this internet cafe – they wouldn’t let me sit here and use their internet connection without spending money.

I’ve just uploaded some more video – still way behind on that though. Didn’t get a chance to do as much as I would have liked here in Montreal. Too many distractions. But the videos are from what I’ve called Day 6 and Day 7, which dates back to 17th and 18th July when I was cycling across New Brunswick, heading for the Maine, USA border.

Day 6 video (5.4 MB Mpeg-4 video)

Day 7 video (5.6 MB Mpeg-4 video)

For the other videos see my LegJoints page.

Will hopefully be heading off towoards Gattineau/Ottawa tomorrow. Need to properly check over the bike first, but I’ve been in Montreal for almost a week now and time is passing. It’s already tomorrow back in Britain and will soon be the middle of August everywhere, and after that comes the end of August, and then September, but the further West I go the earlier it gets.

Now I need to eat. I’ve just bought a baguette and have some paté, salami, tomatoes (quite a luxury out here at $1.69 per pound) and cheese in the fridge in my room so I’ll be having a late night feast. I also have a large box of peanuts and some fruit. Unfortunately I finished off the last of the chocolate croissants this morning.


St. Stephen, New Brunswick

Now in New Brunswick. I spent the past couple of days in Saint John, resting a bit and doing some work on the bike.

Along the coast from Saint John, stopped after 60km at a place called New River Beach. I was going to cycle a bit further but it was a hot sunny day and I fancied a swim and this was the first and will probably be the last opportunity for a while. The tides in this bay, the bay of Fundy, are supposed to be the largest in the world. You can watch the tide go out (if that’s the way it’s going).