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station mural

Chop, Ukraine

I got on the train for Lviv at Kosice, Slovakia, at 7:24 but I didn’t have a ticket. I’d gone to what I think was the Kasa, ticket booth, in kosice station but the woman behind the curtains didn’t speak any English. I showed her my print out with the train I wanted to get …


On the train from Vilnius to Warsaw

I took the bus from Palanga to Vilnius. It cost 51Lt. Now I’m on the train to Warsaw. 67Lt. I have 10Lt in my pocket. The rest of my money I changed into Polish Zlotys. The woman in the bank seemed to find the way I said Polish amusing. It took a while buying the …


Bergen, Norway

The train I took yesterday was derailed today by a mound of unusually thick snow. It fell off the tracks. Nobody was hurt apparently, but the line is closed at the moment. Just been speaking to a Norwegian guy who is stranded here. If you’re going to be stranded though, Bergen is a good place …


London to Paris

On board the 7:09 Eurostar to Paris. Sitting in Waterloo Station. My laptop bag was searched thoroughly on the way in. I have a USB hard-drive in there that looked a bit suspicious. It has orange padding around its edges. The laptop battery also looked suspicious. And my flask of whisky. I could do with …


London to Eastbourne, UK

The next station is Clapham Junction. It’s 17th June 2006. The Venusians have gone for a while. People speak German. Two women. A man eats something that smells, rustling paper. We are now approaching Clapham Junction. Please mind the gap between the platform and the train.


Rishikesh, India

Sitting in the cafe overlooking the pedestrian suspension bridge across the Ganges. An Indian guy in a turban comes in and goes over the the corner table and whistles towards the bridge. He then takes out a mobile phone and looks at it but doesn’t make a call. He sits down at the table where …