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Kelowna, British Columbia

rainy mountains
This is Rogers Pass, the toughest bit of the Rockies. It wasn’t that steep, but the hill was very long. I kept thinking I’d got to the top. There’d be a small downhill section and I’d think I’ve done it, I’ve got through Rogers Pass… but then it would start going up again.


Regina, Saskatchewan

I’ve spent today in Regina editing video, now that I’ve got the laptop back – thanks to MacHelper of Winnipeg. The hard drive was OK so I’ve been going through the video I had on there a month ago, which was of leaving Maine and arriving in Quebec. For some images see my video stills site.


Marathon, Ontario

Sitting in the tent waiting for the rain to stop. Not sure what time it is. Not sure how long I’ve been sitting here.

Can hear crows crowing. The rain doesn’t sound as heavy as before. I’m beneath trees so even when it’s stopped raining rain will drip from the leaves making it sound like it’s still raining.

Nature plays tricks on you.

So do road signs. The signs to this town didn’t say it was 4km off the highway down a steep hill which, when I finally get back on the bike, I’ll have to go up.