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God only knows

When I started playing some music the other day The Professor (5) tried to sing something he wanted me to play. Can you play that one, Daddy? It’s my best. They’d played it at the school assembly. After a while I realized what it was and found it.


Café de Paris, Vilnius, Lithuania

Reggae music is playing just outside the café on the unmadeup Didzioji street. There’s some development work going on in this area so the street is closed to traffic and usually fenced off, but the workmen put some concrete down yesterday and now there’s a sound system on it with a DJ on a small raised stage. There’s some kind of music festival happening all over Vilnius this weekend.


Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland

Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

There’s a church on a hill by the port of Helsinki, a red brick building with gold balls sitting on the spires, making it look a bit Islamic but I think it’s a Russian orthodox church. I went in there today, just as a christening was starting. Tourists and people who’d just walked in were confined to an area by the door by ropes. There were prominent signs saying: “Silence Please! Divine service in progress” (in several languages) and images of cameras (still and video) and a mobile phone, all crossed out. Some people didn’t notice the signs or deliberately ignored them. Whenever someone took a photo a short, stern and very indignant woman would come over and wave her fist at the camera lens then point to the sign or hold it up in front of them.


Sam’s Karaoke Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sitting in a Karaoke bar not singing. Sitting at a table in front of the stage with a notebook and a pen, writing this. I needed a drink and walked into this place. A Norwegian woman is singing a romantic song. A guy with a hat, tatoos and a goatee beard leans against the bar smiling at her. That must be Sam, since this is Sam’s Bar. It was cold outside, I needed somewhere warm and this was the first place I saw.


Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Quebec

I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal after coming off the bike. I was cycling into town and must have hit a pothole or something in the road cos I just felt myself going over the handlebars and then sliding along the road on my chin. I eventually found my way to the hospital but was told I’d have to pay $459, which I don’t have. I was heading into town to see if I could get any money out – I haven’t been able to for the last two days. The guy said there was a cheaper place I could go to where they’d only charge $40, but I only have $2.79. So I said well, I can’t do it. I think I’m OK so I’ll just go. A few cuts and grazes and a bit of pain in my jaw, but nothing serious.