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Brixton, London

There is a hole in the roof of the house I am living in and people are coming in, down a ladder. I don’t know where they’re coming from but there are loads of them. Some of them I know but most of them are strangers. They’re making themselves at home. I’m not sure if this is my house or not. Maybe it isn’t. Most of these people are quite friendly. I don’t really want to kick them out, and I think if I asked them to leave they would just be baffled.


Samos, Greece

Paying the bill in the hotel today the woman went through the things I’d eaten or drunk then started saying two and a half hours internet, three hours internet etc.. They had wifi access and I’d been sitting there with my laptop, assuming it was free, not realizing they were noting down how long I was sitting there and charging me for it. There were signs saying internet 3 euros per hour by the computers, but when there’s wifi that’s usually free, except when some charging thing comes up on the screen and you have to put in a credit card number. I mentioned it to them but I still paid it.


Lasqueti Island, British Columbia

People keep asking me when I’m leaving and I keep saying I don’t know. “So you’re still here”, someone said the other day.

I’ve been helping to build a house out of wood, wood from trees cut down to clear space for the house, though I’ve been living in a small cabin (shack) next to this. I’m getting to be pretty good at hammering nails.


Kelowna, British Columbia

I’m over the Rockies and into British Columbia where it’s been raining pretty consistently, except for yesterday when it wasn’t. The video camera got wet a couple of days ago and made the colours run into each other like wet paint, but it seems to have recovered now.


Calgary, Alberta

Fourth day in Calgary and getting into a routine, going to the library and getting on the internet during the morning, but first going for a coffee and a fudgy brownie.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Still waiting on the laptop. I just phoned but the guy I needed to speak to wasn’t there so waiting for him to call back.

Sitting in the common room of the hostel as people chat, eat breakfast, prepare sandwiches, decide what they’re doing today, talk about the differences between their countries – when there’s snow in Britain children are sent home from school.