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Bergen, Norway

Norwegian stew with dumplings. The only thing this cafe serves on a Thursday, so that’s what I’m having. Last night I went to see a film at the Bergen FilmKlub. It was a Hong Kong Chinese film called Dumplings about a woman who makes dumplings out of aborted foetuses. They’re supposed to be an elixir of youth. The woman making them is supposed to be 64, but looks about 25.


Quimper, Brittany, France

I got the train from St. Malo yesterday, and almost got off at the wrong stop since there’s a place called Quimperle just up the line from here. I heard the announcement: Nous arrivons a Quimper … so I got my rucksack down and got off (waiting until the train had stopped). But something wasn’t right. Other people were still on the train, not getting off. Quimper is supposed to be the end of the line.