Motivated reasoning is the Earth’s best friend

Friends of the Earth is no longer fundamentally opposed to nuclear power and neither is the Green party of England and Wales. They still oppose nuclear power, but now because of its cost and how long it takes to build, but they’re quite happy to keep existing power stations running. They no longer see them as inherently dangerous and needing to be shut down at the first available opportunity.

McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, India

Yoga: Observe what the body is doing and feeling. Observe without making value judgements. I observed my thighs hurting. I tried to observe the pain without it bothering me, but that’s not so easy. I remember trying to do the same thing when I was cycling.

Rishikesh, India

More lecture notes coming up. Print them out and memorize them if you want to become enlightened. Hatha yoga – prana energy Raja yoga – mental energy Kundalini/Tantra yoga – primal energy Hatha yoga, in the west, is mainly for health, to make the body more active, but its higher purpose is to make the body steady, inactive.

Rishikesh, India

The Japanese woman sitting in front of me in the lotus position wears a Tintin in Tibet t-shirt. I arrived early to the lecture this morning so got myself a cushion to sit on. But as soon as I’d made myself comfortable we had to stand as Swami’s wife came in. Today is her birthday. She comes in with a younger woman – their daughter? I wasn’t sure she was his wife at first, since he was calling her by her name, Mutterjee I think, but seeing her she looks the same as the woman in the photo, though a…