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Ephesus Museum. Selçuk, Turkey

American woman talking to museum warden:

– I like Turkish people. So would you describe yourself as a European? I’ve been to other countries in Europe and they don’t like us much. The French don’t like us, but in Turkey the people are so friendly. Your Ataturk was a great man, he really brought your country into the modern age, and look at you now: a developed country that’s neither muslim nor christian…


Jackman, Maine (USA) to St. Georges, Quebec

83km (total so far 920km)

I was expecting this to be a tough day since it was over hills (mountains even) but it wasn’t that bad at all. The main reason for this I think was the weather – either the wind had dropped or I was sheltered from it by the hills. If I was given the choice between cycling into a strong headwind or cycling uphill I’d opt for a hot bath and a night in watching the tele, but if whoever was giving me the choice said no, it’s either hills or wind then I think I’d go for the hills. The thing with hills is you know they can’t go on for ever – you’ve got to eventually get to the top and come down the other side. And when you’re cycling into a strong wind and you can’t manage more than 15km/h and cars are whizzing past you they don’t have a clue what you’re up against because cars don’t feel the wind, and so I’m thinking they must be thinking God, he’s a really crap cyclist going so slowly on a nice flat road and that’s really demoralizing and makes it even harder.


Greenville, Maine

Losing track of days and dates. Now in Greenville, Maine, sitting outside a public library near a lake. Did 133km yesterday and still feeling a bit knackered. Need to get something to eat and head off now cos it’s getting late.


Calais, Maine, USA

I’m now in Calais, Maine, USA. They did let me across the border, eventually, after loads of questions, searching my bags, but then I told the official about my page on LegJoints, which he tapped into his computer and read and after that decided I was safe to let into the country.