Sam’s Karaoke Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sitting in a Karaoke bar not singing. Sitting at a table in front of the stage with a notebook and a pen, writing this. I needed a drink and walked into this place. A Norwegian woman is singing a romantic song. A guy with a hat, tatoos and a goatee beard leans against the bar smiling at her. That must be Sam, since this is Sam’s Bar. It was cold outside, I needed somewhere warm and this was the first place I saw.

Paris, France

I’ve just met Max and Stacy of KarmaBanque. I’m interviewing Max on Wednesday. I’d quite like to interview Stacy as well, but today it was Max doing most of the talking. That’s how it is on the radio as well. He has a lot to say. Here’s a summary, from memory, so all quotes are approximate: The best thing the world could do to improve the environment would be to increase the price of money. The price of money is artificially low. As a result America can borrow money almost for free to fight its wars, Exxon can borrow money…

Paris, France

I’m sitting in a hot hot hotspot cafe in Montmartre, Paris. It’s hot because the heaters are on full. The doors are wide open. It’s February, but not that cold outside. They have heaters outside the cafe as well. Many cafes are like that here. People like to sit out on the pavement, and cafes like to use all the space they can. When they ban smoking indoors there will probably be a lot more outdoor heaters because people will want to sit and smoke without getting cold. It was like that in Canada. Many places with outside heaters for…

Quimper, Brittany, France

I got the train from St. Malo yesterday, and almost got off at the wrong stop since there’s a place called Quimperle just up the line from here. I heard the announcement: Nous arrivons a Quimper … so I got my rucksack down and got off (waiting until the train had stopped). But something wasn’t right. Other people were still on the train, not getting off. Quimper is supposed to be the end of the line.

London to Paris

On board the 7:09 Eurostar to Paris. Sitting in Waterloo Station. My laptop bag was searched thoroughly on the way in. I have a USB hard-drive in there that looked a bit suspicious. It has orange padding around its edges. The laptop battery also looked suspicious. And my flask of whisky. I could do with some food and a coffee but only have £1.25 in English money. I have more in Euros. Should be able to get something on the journey. I slept for about 5 hours, dreaming about terrorist attacks in the tunnel. Trying not to think about those…

Coffee Republic, Soho Square, London, UK

Back in London after a couple of weeks in Eastbourne, now staying in Peckham Rye, but probably only for a few more days. I’ve been looking into getting a boat to Cuba, which seems to be possible but not so easy. There was a freighter going there from Lisbon, which took passengers and charged 90 Euros a day, but that’s fallen through, so now I’m looking into cruise ships, which aren’t as expensive as I’d thought they might be, about £500 to £700 for trans-Atlantic.

Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

Standing outside Eastbourne station. It’s about half past eight. People get into taxis, the taxis drive away, new taxis pull in to take their places. A guy in a white shirt, late teens or early twenties with gel in his hair, walks up to the leading taxi. He looks at me as he opens the door. Are you a tramp? I don’t say anything. I just look at him. He says it again. My rucksack is standing next to me and I haven’t had a shave for a few days. Are you a tramp? Another guy, same age, also in…

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