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Jazz Lounge, Tallinn, Estonia

This is one of the posher places in Tallinn, but still a bowl of soup with bread cost less than £2. Red armchairs, fake flowers and soft music – not jazz. Here’s a couple of photos taken on my mobile: Strange how it’s not possible to get from Tallinn to Vilnius by train. I’ll have …


Cafe Moskva, Tallinn, Estonia

Sitting in a window seat of Cafe Moskva with my laptop on my lap, having just had two double espressos and a plate of pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and chicken. The waitress, wearing a tight black mini-skirt, just asked me if I wanted anything else. I’ve been here for a few hours, browsing the web, …


Tallinn, Estonia

Last night I had dinner in a mediaeval restaurant but tonight I bought a tin of tuna and some mushrooms and did that with the spaghetti I already had in the hostel kitchen. That’s one big advantage of staying in a hostel rather than a hotel: you get to use their kitchen, but while I …