Kolkata, India

Trying to find a way of sending the bike back to England but it’s not easy. I went to the post office and at first they said they could send it and asked me to come back with the bike so they could weigh it but then when I did return with the bike another guy said no, a bike can’t be sent in the post. So I’ve been trying to find a shipping company. One of the guys who works in the hotel was offering to buy it off me today, but he would only offer 3000 Rupees, perhaps…

Kolkata, India

South Americans out on the roof with a guitar and singing songs. Or maybe they’re Spanish. There’s a lot of them.

Internet Place on Sudder Street, Kolkata, India

Sudder Street is the main touristy area of Kolkata. The only tourist area I think. I’m in an internet centre which seems to double as a family’s home. There’s a kid on a shelf above my head and the adults are eating curry and rice behind me. The twelve computers are all being used by foreigners. The connection is a bit slow. I’m waiting for the next photo to upload. See my new photos of India website – the pictures were taken a couple of days ago during the Holi festival of colour procession in the streets around here.

Holi Day in Kolkata, India

After being out all day following the colour procession around, taking photos and getting covered in paint, I’m sitting on the rooftop patio of the hotel (not as nice as it sounds) and feeling a bit ill. I think I need to go for a walk around and head off for the Victoria Memorial, where I’ll be able to sit in the shade for 4 Rupees. On the way the I walk across the Maiden, a park filled with people playing cricket and flying kites. For many people today is a holiday, though they call it Holi Day. Happy Holi…

Dum Dum to Kolkata, India

A knock on my door at 9am. I get out of bed, put a towel around me and open the door. Time to check out, says an angry looking guy with some sheets. As I put the paniers on the bike a boy of about ten stood and watched, then out onto the street I get some more attention, and spend a bit of time answering questions like where am I from? where am I cycling to? how much did the bike cost? I take my camera out and take a picture of a cow and some people sifting through…

Chiang Mai, Thailand to Kolkata, India

Bangkok Airport. About to fly to Kolkata (Calcutta). The bike is in a tatty bike box and the paniers are in a bin liner, sitting on a trolley outside the airport cafe I’m in. I don’t think anyone will steal them, but better just check they’re still there. They are. Ordered a mango shake. I’m not sure I like mango. It’s hot in Bangkok. Someone said this is the hottest city in the world. Didn’t get any sleep last night. Had a good massage though. Just a massage. Not the extras you hear about. I don’t know if they did…

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