Digby, Nova Scotia to St. John, New Brunswick

Cycled 40km to Digby to catch the ferry accross to Saint John, New Brunswick but had to wait 6 hours for the next ferry – should have checked the times beforehand. Arrived in Saint John at midnight. It was raining and had to find my way to the campsite in the dark.

From Kentville to Annapolis Royal

Did 94km today, from Kentville to Annapolis Royal. Thanks to Jamie at Kentville Bike Shop my odometer is now fitted correctly so I know exactly how many kilometers I’m doing each day, how fast (or slow) I’m going etc.. Map

Kentville, Nova Scotia

The second day went a lot better – straight open road, mostly flat though with the wind against me (as it will be for most of the trip) and did 80km up to Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Bedford, Nova Scotia

First day’s cycling. Not a great start – pissing down with rain and one of the front paniers fell off so had to stop off at the bike shop to have it fixed on more securely.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Still not cycling yet. Spent some time doing a bit of work on the bike and setting up the radio mics for the video camera and by the time that was done it was a bit late to leave so staying in Halifax one more night. Went to Pier 21, the place where immigrants used to enter Canada – now a museum since people arrive on planes these days, but it seems like a good place to start the bike ride.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Battery on the laptop running low… Unable to send emails for some reason, but they let me into the country and I start cycling across it tomorrow.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is the first post to my cycling across Canada blog. I plan to cycle from Halifax, on the East coast, to Vancouver on the West coast. I will be documenting the trip on video. Got a flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with the bike built by GediBikes. You can follow where I go on this map of Canada.

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