Marathon, Ontario

Sitting in the tent waiting for the rain to stop. Not sure what time it is. Not sure how long I’ve been sitting here. Can hear crows crowing. The rain doesn’t sound as heavy as before. I’m beneath trees so even when it’s stopped raining rain will drip from the leaves making it sound like it’s still raining. Nature plays tricks on you. So do road signs. The signs to this town didn’t say it was 4km off the highway down a steep hill which, when I finally get back on the bike, I’ll have to go up.

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

Camped by the road. Hungry. Met a guy today also cycling across Canada with a video camera – see – though doing it West to East. He has a very ingenious set up for his camera. The camera itself is in the back panier but a lens, or some kind of small surveillance camera, is on a gantry mounted just behind his handlebars. With that he can film the road in front of him just by flicking a switch on the bike, and he can turn the camera around and film himself cycling along. I wish I’d prepared more…

North Bay, Ontario

I’m now cycling on the Trans-Canada Highway, which here is Highway 17. Several cars have hooted me, and not in a “get off the road” kind of way (since they’ve been on the other side of the road, but in a “yeah, go for it!” kind of way. Though there are the trucks which come up behind me and when they hoot it does mean “get the fuck out of my way”. One yesterday was towing a house. Lucky I did pull off the road when it hooted or I would’ve ended up in the toilet. I’ve also met a…

Ottawa, Ontario

All I have to say about Ottawa is you can’t get free wireless internet access here (at least I can’t find a place where you can) so I’m now being charged by the minute.

Ottawa, Ontario

Now in Ottawa. I had a slight misunderstanding with a kerb here last night and came off the bike again, though this time it was more embarrassing than painful. I thought the kerb, which was painted yellow, was going to be a nice smooth ramp but the kerb had already decided it was a kerb, something the bike didn’t appreciate much. Luckily my elbow broke our fall and we’re both okay – me and the bike.

Montreal, Quebec

Suddenly and quite unexpectedly the cashpoint gives me money and I can return to the surface and breathe again like a normal human being. Don’t know how the money got into my account but thanks if someone paid something in, and as soon as my debtors pay me I’ll pay you back. Now about to leave Montreal, though it’s pretty late now so I won’t get far.

Montreal, Quebec

Back from the hospital (after coming off the bike here in Montreal, just cycling in to town and hitting a pot hole) with 3 stitches in my chin, a few cuts and grazes, but OK, and the bike’s OK too, and the laptop which was on my back at the time survived since I’m using it now. Just spent my last couple of dollars on a baguette and then had to pay for a glass of water in order to use this internet cafe – they wouldn’t let me sit here and use their internet connection without spending money. I’ve…

Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Quebec

I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal after coming off the bike. I was cycling into town and must have hit a pothole or something in the road cos I just felt myself going over the handlebars and then sliding along the road on my chin. I eventually found my way to the hospital but was told I’d have to pay $459, which I don’t have. I was heading into town to see if I could get any money out – I haven’t been able to for the last two days. The guy said…

Montreal, Quebec

Just added some pictures of Maine. That was two weeks ago, but I’m trying to get up to date with the video while I’m here. So far I’ve gone through 6 of the 12 tapes I’ve shot.

Montreal, Quebec

Still in Montreal. Just discovered the Trans Canada Highway website. For the next bit of the trip I plan to follow this highway, more or less. There’s a Route Verte (cycle route) within Quebec from here to Gattineau, which is just across a river from Ottawa. From there it’s Highway 17 heading across Ontario, which looks like it might be a bit hilly, but it’s supposed to be very beautiful. Was talking to someone the other day and he said Ontario has what’s called the Canadian Shield, which is where the earth’s crust comes to the surface (I think). Looking…

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