Regina, Saskatchewan

I’ve spent today in Regina editing video, now that I’ve got the laptop back – thanks to MacHelper of Winnipeg. The hard drive was OK so I’ve been going through the video I had on there a month ago, which was of leaving Maine and arriving in Quebec. For some images see my video stills site.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Just got to Regina, Saskatchewan and picked up the repaired laptop from the bus depot here. It’s great to have it back. I’m going to update this blog with some notes I’ve been making in my notebook over the past few weeks, so scroll down…

Oak Lake, Manitoba to Moosomin, Saskatchewan

I saw some horses. On one side of the road three horses in a small field – small enough that you could see the fences around it. They were gazing across the road. At first I thought they were looking at me but then I saw behind me a larger group of horses (10 or 15) in a much larger field – a field whose boundaries I couldn’t see, but I guess it must have had boundaries. I don’t think they were wild horses. They showed no interest in the three across the road who were staring at them as…

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Still waiting on the laptop. I just phoned but the guy I needed to speak to wasn’t there so waiting for him to call back. Sitting in the common room of the hostel as people chat, eat breakfast, prepare sandwiches, decide what they’re doing today, talk about the differences between their countries – when there’s snow in Britain children are sent home from school.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Still in Winnipeg. Still don’t have the laptop fixed so it’s going to be posted on to me and I’ll pick it up in Regina, Saskatchewan, about a week’s cycle away. See the LegJoints Cycling Canada page for previous comments since I wasn’t able to post here.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I’m in Winnipeg. More than halfway across now. Not been able to post much recently due to a broken laptop – so no pictures and no video unitl it’s fixed. I’ll give the laptop fixers a call tomorrow but it probably won’t be ready and I can’t hang around here for weeks waiting for them to do it. The bike’s ok though and heading off across the praries tomorrow. 1700km to Calgary, so if I can average 100km a day I should be going over the Rockies early October. Bought a warm sleeping bag recently and some warm cycling clothes,…

Fort Frances, Ontario

Went to a bar yesterday evening and met some Fort Frances locals. I was given a painted turtle by Don & Jamie, a native couple. Don is from a place called Serpent River, a place between Sudbury and Sault Sainte Marie which I must have gone through – the name sounds familiar and I think I can picture the place but I might be thinking of somewhere else.

Dorion, Ontario

Beers last night with Ken, a guy from Alaska who is cycling to Rhode Island, USA to see his family. It was a good night. Good to socialize, good to relax. I’d only done 60km when I decided to stop there (Gravel River) for the night, but it was a hard 60km, and the next campsite, the next place where I’d be able to get food and water, even the next picnic area where I’d just be able to pitch my tent, were all a long way off, at least another 25 to 30km. And it was 6 o’clock. Today…

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