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Can there be a God of an infinite universe?

Not the kind of God that most people imagine. Not the kind of God listens to your prayers and maybe answers them, not the sort of God who might tell you to do certain things, like strap explosives to yourself and blow up a bus full of people. That kind of God couldn’t exist in an infinite universe in which everything that can exist does exist. In such a universe, God is the one thing that can’t exist. There could be gods though. If we were to go to another planet and terraform it, make it like Earth, introduce advanced animal and plant life to, do a bit of bioengineering then sit back and watch it unfold, we’d be a bit like the gods of that planet. If intelligent life evolved we might find ourselves being worshipped.

All a far more advanced civilization than ours might be able to create a whole star system, planets and all, perhaps even a whole galaxy, but then they’d be so far beyond our comprehension they would effectively be gods to us.

That there exist such advanced civilisations in an infinite universe is almost certain. If it is possible that it has to be. Somewhere and some time, they maybe not anywhere near us. But then when you consider computer simulations and how easy it would be, once huge created AI game characters, to generate a universe. One with its own laws of physics even. The universe is infinite in so many ways. Well, three actually:

1) the physical way it just goes on for ever.

2) the multifarious way – there isn’t just one universe, there are many (infinitely).

3) the quantum multiverse.