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My four-year-old son wanted to come to my place. I told him I had to work and he said he’d help me work. I said he’d need to learn some PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript, with a particular focus on the jQuery library. He said he liked libraries. I said, well, that’s very good, but this is a different kind of library and no, you can’t help me work because you’d want to play, wouldn’t you. But Mumma said me you have to let me help you work. No she didn’t, I said. I saw her when I came in. She didn’t say that to me. She said it to me, he said. She said me to tell you you have to take me to your home so I can do your work.

I told him that he was lying. Do you know what a lie is? No. What is a lie? It’s when you say something that isn’t true. But he didn’t know what true meant. I pointed to the window. Look, it’s sunny outside, I said. Where? Out there. No, it’s dark, he said. No, it’s sunny, I said. He liked that. Say it again, Daddy. Say what again? Say it’s sunny outside. So I did, and he said, no it’s dark. I then drew a picture of a sun on the window and said look! It’s sunny! He drew a picture of the moon. The moon’s round, he said. Sometimes it is, I said.