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Iceland has a population of 300,000 people, most of whom live in Reykjavik. The tap water here smells of sulphur. According to the National Museum of Iceland, 65% of the original female settlers came from the British Isles whereas most of the original male settlers were Scandanavians.

Iceland sits on the geological divide between the continental shelves of North America and Europe. Reykjavik sits on the American continental shelf, but most of the rest of Iceland is in Europe.

Last night, after spotting some Northern Lights, we listened to (and watched) some Icelandic punk on YouTube:

Purrkur Pilnikk
– this is a made up name – it doesn’t mean anything

Here is a young Bjork in Tappi Tikarass in 1982
. She was very young, 17 or 18 perhaps, and pregnant with her first child.

Þeyr – “Rúdolf”. Þeyr means them. Þ is pronounced like a th. Them seem to be obsessed with goosestepping Nazis.