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Lithuanian TV

Now that I have a flat I have a TV, but can only pick up Lithuanian channels. There was quite a bit of singing and dancing,

Singing on LIthuanian TV Dancing on Lithuanian TV

some American and Russian programmes

Russian programmes on Lithuanian TV

which were not really dubbed – they had a voiceover in Lithuanian but you could still hear the English or Russian dialogue underneath. There was also a trailer for Jamie Oliver,

Jamie Oliver on Lithuanian TV

which they didn’t bother to translate, and a documentary that appeared to be on Uzupio.

Uzupio on Lithuanian TV Uzupio on Lithuanian TV Uzupio on Lithuanian TV

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  1. I am not interested in TV but I reckon is a very good means of getting to know a society, it gives you an insight into their culture…like in England I have learnt loads about this country through watching programmes…how the english love to do lists…(100 greatest hit songs, 100 greatest comedians, 100 censored scenes, 100 greatest tv moments…) how society has changed, and incredible amounts of information that help configuring what the identity of the country is about…
    It is not very helpful if it is in lithuanian though.

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