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Jazz Lounge, Tallinn, Estonia

This is one of the posher places in Tallinn, but still a bowl of soup with bread cost less than £2. Red armchairs, fake flowers and soft music – not jazz.

Here’s a couple of photos taken on my mobile:

Strange how it’s not possible to get from Tallinn to Vilnius by train. I’ll have to take the bus. I went to the bus station earlier but couldn’t buy a ticket. I didn’t see anywhere that was selling tickets, just buses and a shopping centre. I found an information desk, though I think it was information for the shops, and asked. They directed me to a place called R-Kiosk, a newsagents type of place, where I had to queue behind a 10 year old paying for an ornage juice on a credit card, and then a woman paying for cigarettes on a credit card. I asked for a bus ticket to Vilnius and was told it would be 10 krones, which is about 50p. To Vilnius? The woman got confused and told me I was in the wrong place. They only sold local bus tickets. But she wouldn’t tell me where I had to go. A guy in the queue behind me with an American accent said I had to go to the international bus station, and explained how to get there, but I haven’t been yet.

Tallinn web cam.


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