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Jazz Lounge, Tallinn, Estonia

This is one of the posher places in Tallinn, but still a bowl of soup with bread cost less than £2. Red armchairs, fake flowers and soft music – not jazz.

Here’s a couple of photos taken on my mobile:

Strange how it’s not possible to get from Tallinn to Vilnius by train. I’ll have to take the bus. I went to the bus station earlier but couldn’t buy a ticket. I didn’t see anywhere that was selling tickets, just buses and a shopping centre. I found an information desk, though I think it was information for the shops, and asked. They directed me to a place called R-Kiosk, a newsagents type of place, where I had to queue behind a 10 year old paying for an ornage juice on a credit card, and then a woman paying for cigarettes on a credit card. I asked for a bus ticket to Vilnius and was told it would be 10 krones, which is about 50p. To Vilnius? The woman got confused and told me I was in the wrong place. They only sold local bus tickets. But she wouldn’t tell me where I had to go. A guy in the queue behind me with an American accent said I had to go to the international bus station, and explained how to get there, but I haven’t been yet.

Tallinn web cam.


  1. you went to the suburban station. and those were not “credit cards” they were debit cards. the bus to LV and LT btw is WiFi enabled. At least the premium service is.

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