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Cafe Moskva, Tallinn, Estonia

Sitting in a window seat of Cafe Moskva with my laptop on my lap, having just had two double espressos and a plate of pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and chicken. The waitress, wearing a tight black mini-skirt, just asked me if I wanted anything else. I’ve been here for a few hours, browsing the web, trying out different templates on thios blog and getting rid of the adverts I put on it the other day. Meanwhile in the real world jazz music is playing. The cafe is quite full. There’s a cold Baltic wind blowing outside. Last night I went to the Von Krahli Theatre Bar where I thought there was going to be live music but it turned out to be live DJs, but very good ones. Something or someone called Tallinn Express, someone sitting in front of a laptop creating images on a screen and all the bar staff wearing headphones. It was quite loud.

A load of poeple (about 30 of them) wearing red shell suits with Montenegro written on the back just walked past the large shop window I’m sitting in front of (or behind, depending on your point of view).

It’s good to be able to be in a place where I don’t have to worry too much how much things cost, though the other day an old guy came up to me, said where are you from? ahh, England! and he tried to interest me in a small badge while a pigeon landed on his head and he brushed it off. That was in the Town Hall Square, the centre of the old town and the most touristy part of town I think.

I’ve not taken any photos of Tallinn yet. It’s too photogenic. Whatever I take will look like a pstcard picture so I might as well just buy the postcard. There are some new pictures of Helsinki up on the Europe website though.

Helsinki train station