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Helsinki, Finland

New images of the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden have just been uploaded to the Europe website.

copyright notice in the Ice Hotel, KirunaWarning: some of these images contain art work by other people. Each room in the hotel has been designed by a particular ice artist and filled with their sculptures and often includes a statement by the artist, saying what they think their work means, like this one:

Ice Hotel, Kiruna: artist's statement

I wonder if the statements are also copyrighted and whether I’m in breach of copyright by putting this statement up here.

I asked the woman behind the desk what the copyright notice means. She didn’t know what I meant. I asked her if I could take photos. She said yes. I asked if I could put some of those photos up on a website. She said it depends what kind of website.

I never got to meet the Pirate Party in Stockholm. They didn’t reply to my email. They believe in the reform of copyright laws. This was also something Max Keiser said when I interviewed him. I asked him if he was the ruler of the world and he could do one thing what would he do. He said he would do two things, and one of them would be the reform of copyright laws.

Sometimes when people set up Turnpiece Gallery websites they ask about copyrighting their images. I think it’s better to get your images seen and to allow people to copy them if they want. There are no original ideas. Everything comes from something.

Is this spade copyrighted?

spade and snow in the Ice Hotel, Kiruna


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