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Bergen, Norway

Breakfast is a help yourself to bread meat cheese and salad thing, along with orange juice and coffee. I almost forgot I haven’t paid for it yet. That’ll be 55 Kronas thanks. (About £4.50 thanks.) This is the hostel cafe. Black and white photos of musicians around the walls: The Animals, Chrissy Hind, Elvis meeting Nixon… There’s an Elvis clock with a swinging pelvis pendulum.

I was wrong about the heaters outside being on all the time. I think they only come on when you walk into the area. This is generally a good place, though not so good on recycling. They only seem to recycle glass jars and bottles, which you get money back on here. No paper recycling as far as I can tell. I’ll ask in a minute. I have a load of leaflets from the tourist office I want to get rid off, plus some writing books, but I don’t want to chuck them into a normal bin. Once you get used to recycling certain things it’s hard to exist somewhere where it’s not prectised.

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