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Kolkata, India

A guy comes around the internet cafe carrying a pot of burning incense and chanting things. A few people look up from their computers. The connection went down a few minutes ago so perhaps the chanting was to bring the network back.

Seems to have worked.

The little kid starts screaming his head off and is placed on the shelf above my head. The rest of the family are eating curry behind me.

I bought a bell today, off this rikshaw driver who’s been trying to sell it to me for the past two weeks. I bought it for 50 Rupees. Probably a lot more than he paid for it, but I wouldn’t know where to buy one. As soon as I’d given him the money he picked up his rikshaw and left. It felt like he’d had it with being a rikshaw driver and had told himself that he would sell his bell and retire, but since I don’t reckon he has a pension I expect he’ll be back tomorrow with a new bell.