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Beijing Airport, China

Two hours to wait before the flight onto Bangkok. Unable to leave the airport. Watching Chinese TV. They were showing English Premiership football, but now it’s the news. A chinese leader in a suit meeting with what looks like Evo Morales, the new Bolivain president, dressed in his casual Saturday afternoon clothes. He looks bored, whereas the chinese guy looks very pleased with himself. No idea what they’re saying.

A woman spits into the bin. I remember someone telling me that the Chinese spit a lot.

My right nostril is blocked (the left one’s fine). I was starting to come down with a cold yesterday, after being out in the Vancouver rain so much I think.

I bought the Lonely Planet guide for south East asia and have been reading up on Thailand. Firstly places to stay in Bangkok, though I think tonight I’ll be staying in the airport. The flight doesn’t get in until about 12:30 local time so I think by the time I’ve got through customs, got my baggage and assembled the bike it’ll almost be morning. I don’t fancy cycling the 25km into Bangkok in the dark. I don’t fancy doing it in the daylight, but they may not be an alternative. If they have a large cab I may just do that. That’s how I got the bike to Vancouver airport. I had to take a bike (a big cardboard box to pack the bike in), so couldn’t cycle with that.

There’s no bureau de change here. If I could change my remaining CA$20 I’d buy a bottle of water. I don’t want to pay on the card for someething like that. Could really do with a drink. But less than an hour to the flight now. Time is getting confusing. I think it’s now about 4am in Vancouver. I’ve been up since 8am Vancouver time. I’d like to know where we flew over. Instead of showing crappy TV shows on the flight it would be much better if they showed you a map of where you were. The flight coming over the Atlantic six months ago did that in the interval between the movies.