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Vancouver, British Columbia

Just put some more images up on my video stills website. They’re of the bit going around Lake Superior, the first day of that section, which took a week to do and was one of the toughest parts of the ride, but also one of the best: amazing scenery and I met some good people.

The video editing is taking a long time. It’s hard to decide what to cut out – not because it’s all so good, but because a lot of the shots are very similar. Long point of view shots of cycling along. In some the camera is more shaky than in others, but I don’t want to edit out all the shaky bits since they’re often when the going is tough, like when I’m going uphill. I didn’t film as much going up hill as going down hill. It’s hard to hold the camera when you’re going up a hill since you really need both hands on the handlebars.

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  1. Dear Paul, I’m still not sure whether this reaches you but anyway: it’s great you’re thinking of crossing the ocean and continuing your journey on other continents. Here I’m winding down for the Chistmas period. I hope you find some more friendly locals to celebrate with. It sounds like your real adventure happens when you stop and spend time with people – and you’re getting work out there too! I’ve nothing much to report having been fairly preoccupied with job hunting. I like your website and the video stills – it’s pretty easy to navigate though I did leave a message in another box that I can’t find now. I’ll check if you want to leave a message.
    All best wishes to you and have a great Christmas time, Dan.

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