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Lasqueti Island, British Columbia

Corrections to the previous post:

The island is not 12km wide, it’s much narrower than that. More like 5km, though there is a possibility that there exist spatial distortions so you can travel for hours along the same road without getting to the place you think you ought to be getting to, especially if you choose to travel by bike – not a good choice on Lasqueti once the sun’s gone down, as I discovered last night.

Anyone who can cycle from one end of this island to the other would have no problem cycling across Canada. Size is all relative. Though Canada is big, if you have the time and just cycle a small amount each day, like I did, then you don’t need to be that fit to get across. At the beginning, for a while it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and that I’d never make it all the way across. After I’d gone through Maine, which was pretty tough, and then reached Quebec and then Montreal, I’d been going for almost a month and yet was no further West than New York (I think). But the route was quite windy (as in bendy, many twists and turns, rather than gale force gusty – that came later) and I was taking a lot of breaks. As I got further west the roads got straighter and there were fewer big cities and so fewer temptations to take a break for a few days and go to pubs, cafes, junk food places – I developed a taste for coffee and doughnuts and wouldn’t mind something like that now, but I don’t think they sell doughnuts on this island. I can get a coffee though, and they sell cakes and cookies so will maybe head down the shop a bit later.

I also got the dimensions of the cabin wrong. It is in fact 12 feet wide, though to me it feels more like 10, and 15 feet long (I said 14 so I wasn’t far off).


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