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Vancouver, British Columbia

Total distance travelled: 6649km.
107 days since starting from Halifax, Nova Scotia on 11th July.
Rest days: 26.
Cycling days: 81.
Average distance per day: 62.1km.
Average distance per cycling day: 82.1km.
Maximum distance in a day: 132.6km (to Winnipeg – flat and no wind).
Minimum distance in a day: 24.8km (to Thunder Bay – a semi rest day).
Distance travelled today: 118.8km.

I arrived at about 10:30 this evening. It started raining as I hit the outskirts of Vancouver. I remember someone telling me a while ago, with complete certainty: it will be raining when you get to Vancouver.

The cafe I’m in is closing now so can’t write any more. But I’m here, and tomorrow I’ll go and have a look at the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Congratulations!! Well done Paul, it’s been fun following your epic journey. What next? Do you feel like turning round and cycling back to Halifax?

  2. i feel like living in luxury for a while, in a hotel of some sort, with room service, and with my own room, one with a bed in it.

    no more cycling for a while.

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