Vancouver, British Columbia

Total distance travelled: 6649km.
107 days since starting from Halifax, Nova Scotia on 11th July.
Rest days: 26.
Cycling days: 81.
Average distance per day: 62.1km.
Average distance per cycling day: 82.1km.
Maximum distance in a day: 132.6km (to Winnipeg – flat and no wind).
Minimum distance in a day: 24.8km (to Thunder Bay – a semi rest day).
Distance travelled today: 118.8km.

I arrived at about 10:30 this evening. It started raining as I hit the outskirts of Vancouver. I remember someone telling me a while ago, with complete certainty: it will be raining when you get to Vancouver.

The cafe I’m in is closing now so can’t write any more. But I’m here, and tomorrow I’ll go and have a look at the Pacific Ocean.


  1. fairtradetrousers · 26 October 2005

    Congratulations!! Well done Paul, it’s been fun following your epic journey. What next? Do you feel like turning round and cycling back to Halifax?

  2. paul · 26 October 2005

    i feel like living in luxury for a while, in a hotel of some sort, with room service, and with my own room, one with a bed in it.

    no more cycling for a while.