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Kelowna, British Columbia

rainy mountains
This is Rogers Pass, the toughest bit of the Rockies. It wasn’t that steep, but the hill was very long. I kept thinking I’d got to the top. There’d be a small downhill section and I’d think I’ve done it, I’ve got through Rogers Pass… but then it would start going up again.

When it did start going uphill quite steeply it was getting towards the end of the day and I was getting tired. I got to a rest area and decided to camp there for the night. I was quite high up, 10km from the top of Rogers Pass, but it wasn’t too cold. I have a warm sleeping bag. It was starting to rain as I put the tent up and then rained continuously the following day when I did make it to the top.

red tunnel
Rogers Pass itself consists of a series of tunnels, though they’re not actually this colour. This image has come out red because I couldn’t white balance the camera properly.

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