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Kelowna, British Columbia

I’m over the Rockies and into British Columbia where it’s been raining pretty consistently, except for yesterday when it wasn’t. The video camera got wet a couple of days ago and made the colours run into each other like wet paint, but it seems to have recovered now.

The Rockies weren’t as tough as I had feared. Kicking Horse Pass, the highest point on the Trans-Canada, was quite easy since I was already almost at the same height on the day I started at Lake Louise, but Rogers Pass was tough and I didn’t make it to the top of that one in one day and had to camp by the side of the road, though in a rest area, and do the final 10km to the top the following day. On that day it was raining and clouds covered the mountains.

Then there was a long downhill ride through Glacier National Park, then through Revelstoke Mountain National Park, both of which are supposed to be beautiful but all I could see was mist. It was a good mist though.

I found that the new shoes I bought, which are supposed to be waterproof, actually aren’t.

I’m on one of these timed internet terminals that you have to put a dollar in for 10 minutes then it logs you off after 10 minutes without warning, so can’t say much and can’t upload any images until I find somewhere with wireless access.