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Winnipeg, Manitoba

I’m in Winnipeg. More than halfway across now. Not been able to post much recently due to a broken laptop – so no pictures and no video unitl it’s fixed. I’ll give the laptop fixers a call tomorrow but it probably won’t be ready and I can’t hang around here for weeks waiting for them to do it.

The bike’s ok though and heading off across the praries tomorrow. 1700km to Calgary, so if I can average 100km a day I should be going over the Rockies early October. Bought a warm sleeping bag recently and some warm cycling clothes, including tights, which look stupid but will probably be essential.

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  1. hi paul, rember the german couple you met in montreal?
    we are now on p. e. i. heading for halifx on friday and we have a broken tent pole and they dont sell them in canada, so we have to buy a new one. that sucks.
    i saw some snow in the rockies on tv, sure you really wanna do that 🙂
    anyways, keep on riding, we often think of you!
    eva + erk

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