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Swift Current, Saskatchewan

The world is divided into two parts: the sky and the land. The sky is above and the land is below. The sky touches the land everywhere. The land touches the sky everywhere. The sky is the same size as the land. People live in between sky and land. What happens in the sky determines what happens to the people and to the land. Sun, rain, wind. But the people can control the sky by dancing the right sort of dance and chanting the right sort of chant.


  1. England is a much smaller country than, eg, Thailand because the clouds are so low, wot gives the impression of living in a low-ceilinged bungalow as opposed to a vast palace.

  2. (i knew you would join a cult) i’m going to read and read until i know you better than my own brother i got a legjoints account name and now a blogging identity just to leave you this comment. the rockies are so cold please be careful and the bears will eat your sweet brain parts so make sure to be real bitter and ugly -hailie (girl on motorcycle, we met in thunder bay, i had the candies)

  3. hello hailie
    thanks for the comment and for the candy. are you still in canada or have you gone south to warmer places?

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