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Regina, Saskatchewan

I’ve spent today in Regina editing video, now that I’ve got the laptop back – thanks to MacHelper of Winnipeg. The hard drive was OK so I’ve been going through the video I had on there a month ago, which was of leaving Maine and arriving in Quebec. For some images see my video stills site.

When I get the chance I’ll go through the rest of the video, grabbing stills and uploading short excerpts, but I’ve now shot 33 tapes, each tape an hour long, so that’s going to take a while, and if I spend too much time doing that I won’t have time for cycling. And since I’m living in a tent most of the time it’s a bit awkward.

The days are getting shorter now. Fall and autumn have both definitely arrived. The leaves on the trees are turning yellow. I didn’t think there would be trees on the praries but there are. And they are not totally flat. I’ve been going steradily uphill since Winnipeg, and Calgary, about 8 days away now, is at an altitude of I’m not sure what, but higher than here.

I’ve been told there’s already snow in the Rockies, though at this time of year if you wait a day or so the snow will be gone. I guess when I get to Calgary I’ll have a better idea of what I’m in for. The Rockies will certainly be cold, but I know there are a number of hostels I can stay in there, and there will be motels, so I should be able to avoid camping out at high altitudes, though I now have a new sleeping bag, rated down to minus eighteen degrees, so if I have to I should be warm enough. The problem I’ve found recently (always in fact) has been getting up in the mornings. More so now than before because the mornings are really cold and my sleeping bag is really warm.

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