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Oak Lake, Manitoba to Moosomin, Saskatchewan

I saw some horses. On one side of the road three horses in a small field – small enough that you could see the fences around it. They were gazing across the road. At first I thought they were looking at me but then I saw behind me a larger group of horses (10 or 15) in a much larger field – a field whose boundaries I couldn’t see, but I guess it must have had boundaries. I don’t think they were wild horses. They showed no interest in the three across the road who were staring at them as they walked in single file up to and then along the fence by the road.

I also watched some cows. Men were attending to them, feeding them perhaps. Do cows get fed or do they just eat the grass in whatever field they’re in? I think they do get fed as well. I was just wondering if cows ever questioned why they get fed. Do they ever ask why these humans are doing all this for them? Don’t they ever think: hey, what’s in it for them? Don’t they maybe get a little bit suspicious? Or do they just accept that this is the way things are, the way they have always been and the way they always will be?

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