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Dorion, Ontario

Beers last night with Ken, a guy from Alaska who is cycling to Rhode Island, USA to see his family. It was a good night. Good to socialize, good to relax. I’d only done 60km when I decided to stop there (Gravel River) for the night, but it was a hard 60km, and the next campsite, the next place where I’d be able to get food and water, even the next picnic area where I’d just be able to pitch my tent, were all a long way off, at least another 25 to 30km. And it was 6 o’clock.

Today was much easier. I’m told I’ve now gone over the worst hills of this stretch. I did 80km today and I’m now just 80km from Thunder Bay, a big town where I’ll stop for a break. Should make that tomorrow, hopefully by mid-afternoon then I’ll have a chance to find somewhere to stay.