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Montreal, Quebec

Now in Montreal. The ride down from Quebec City was quite easy going, very flat and along a Route Verte cycle route – there’s a lot of them here in Quebec and a lot of cyclists here too.

I’ll be stopping here in Montreal for a few days. Need to check out where to go next, buy some maps and do some stretching exercises. The biggest problem over the last few days has been my left knee, which has started to hurt. The tendony bits behind the knee rather than the knee itself, though doing some stretching seems to help a lot.

Here are the statistics so far:

datefinishdistance (km)total (km)
8-JulHalifax, Nova Scotia0.0
11-JulUpper Sackville?, Nova Scotia40.040.0
12-JulKentville, Nova Scotia80.0120.0
13-JulAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia94.0214.0
14-JulSaint John, New Brunswick45.0259.0
17-JulNew River Beach, New Brunswick63.0322.0
18-JulSaint Stephen, New Brunswick75.0397.0
19-JulMaine Wilderness Camp, Topsfield, Maine84.0481.0
20-JulSleeping Bear Campsite, Lee, Maine44.5525.5
21-JulOrono, Maine88.9614.3
22-JulJohn Bunyan Campsite, Bangor, Maine22.6636.9
23-JulGreenville, Maine113.4750.3
24-JulThe Birches, Maine40.9791.2
25-JulJackman, Maine46.2837.4
26-JulNotre Dame des Pins, Quebec83.1920.5
27-JulQuebec City, Quebec117.71038.2
31-JulNeuville, Quebec51.61089.8
1-AugTrois Rivieres, Quebec104.71194.5
2-AugLanoraie, Quebec97.61292.1
3-AugMontreal, Quebec79.71371.8

I just met a German couple here last night, Eva and Erk, who are embarking on a one year global bike tour, starting from here, Montreal and heading up to Quebec (along the same Route Verte I took) and then across to Halifax along a different (though probably better) route from me. (I’ll link to their website when they set one up.) I think it was a mistake going through Maine. I did a lot of kilometers and a lot of miles there but very few of them were in the right direction.

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